Sources: Mobilizing Society & Strategic Communication

Mobilizing Society

World scientists’ warnings into action, local to global (2021, article in Science Progress)

Protest & civil disobedience

Berating climate deniers isn’t enough – disruptive protest now seems the only way forward (2022, article in The Guardian)

The moral case for destroying fossil fuel infrastructure (2021, opinion piece in The Guardian)

Social Tipping Points

Operationalising positive tipping points towards global sustainability (2022, article in Global Sustainability)

Identify A-ha moments to trigger fast climate action, say UK scientists (2022, article in The Guardian based on article in Global Sustainability)

Upward-scaling tipping cascades to meet climate goals: plausible grounds for hope (2021, article in Climate Policy)

Social tipping processes towards climate action: A conceptual framework (2021, article in Ecological Economics)

Experimental evidence for tipping points in social convention (2018, article in Science)

Strategic Communication


Environmental Justice

*Telling people to ‘follow the science’ won’t save the planet. But they will fight for justice (2022, opinion article in The Guardian)

Appreciating Ecology

Bees can play soccer – 10 little-known facts about insects (2022, article in The Guardian)

Narrative Devices

Why our secret weapon against the climate crisis could be humour (2022, article in The Guardian)


Carbon bombs and Gulf Stream collapse: the most urgent climate stories of our time (climate pledge 2022 by The Guardian)

Visual communication/photography

Climate Visuals – evidence-based and impact focused climate photography resource

‘The climate crisis is now’: haunting video spotlights California wildfires: The release by a Greta Thunberg-inspired activist group was timed with the global climate strike protests launching Friday (2022, article in The Guardian)

How the climate crisis is already harming America – photo essay (2022, photo essay in The Guardian)

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