Sources for planet-amateurs

Via the following links, you can find a list of thematically organized sources on topics related to the climate and ecological crisis, possible responses, shortcomings, psychology, activism, et cetera.

As you will see, many sources derive from the newspaper The Guardian, which – in our view – is one of the few newspapers that covers environmental (justice) issues in a way that recognizes the importance of ecology to human (and non-human) livelihoods .

In addition to that, there are many links to scientific papers and reports, interesting books, and inspiring movements and initiatives.

We try to update these lists to the best of our capacities. If you have important sources of which you think that they should go up there, please don’t hesitate to write us an email!

Ecological Breakdown, shortly described

The Climate Crisis – Present & Future

The Ecological & Biodiversity Crisis

Extreme Weather Events (list of recent events & extreme weather attribution)

Environmental Injustice

Insufficient Action on the Climate & Ecological Crisis

Misinformation, Greenwashing, Lobbying & Corruption

How to Mitigate Global Heating, Restore Ecosystems & Adapt

Alternative Economics & Post-Growth

Pro-Environmental (Justice) Action

Environmental Justice Strategies & Tactics (including communication)

Public Perception of Environmental Issues, Psychological Impacts & Denial